Poison Play and the Chemistry of Early Friendships

In the last installment of the Appleseed, I described an exchange that took place between myself and student Micha that I believe constituted a kind of invitation on Micha’s part for me to enter into what I referred to as the “potential space” of play with him and two other students, Davey and Jason. This week I will talk about how following Micha’s lead affected the course of the play that followed, how I comported myself within that play based on Micha’s cue, and how I believe Continue reading →

It’s Poison!!!

Have you ever wondered why the adults in our yards are almost exclusively the victims of our child chemist’s poisoning sprees? Or that gangs of emerging potion masters take such clear delight in killing us off with an array of noxious solutions that they will often administer an antidote just before we reach our last gasp (or even revive us with magic once we have expired), only to trick us once again into taking the tainted birthday cake or laced coffee? This question came to Continue reading →